Scholarly Work

Writing Sri Lanka (Routledge 2007) is the first major study of Sri Lankan literature in English. It focuses on literature from Sri Lanka in the light of the 26 year civil war. Described as ‘beautifully argued, intricately composed’ and ‘the most significant work on Sri Lankan English-language literature to date’, it links the work of resident and diasporic writers in ways that work to bridge differences and create a context for dialogue and cultural understanding.  My research for the book was supported by a Leverhulme Fellowship and AHRC Research Grant.

My academic work covers a wide range of subjects from the politics of translation to the literature of terror and trauma. A select list of my scholarly publications can be found on the University of Sussex website here.


Sample Essays and Extract

Writing Sri Lanka: Part 1

Rebirth of a Nation

Nonlinear Dynamics and the Diasporic Imagination

‘Can Only the Dead Speak?’


Minoli Salgado